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Child Tax Credit Contact Number – 0843 504 3776

What is Child Tax Credit?

Child Tax Credit is a benefit available in the UK to help with the cost of raising a child. It is a tax credit which can be offered on top of child benefit and can be paid to families whether they are in or out of work. The credit is integrated with working tax credit, which also provides assistance for childcare costs. You may be eligible to receive a Child Tax Credit for each child you are responsible for if they either are under 16, or under 20 and in approved education or training.

What can I get help with when I call the Child Tax Credit contact number?

Upon calling the Child Tax Credit contact number you can find out whether you are eligible for the benefit, how to claim the benefit and the amount that you could receive. You should also make a call to the contact number if you are already claiming the tax credit and need to update your personal details, such as in the event of a change of address or employment status. 

If you claim Child Tax Credit you will have to renew your claim each year - this can also be done over the phone. To support your claim you will need to keep a record of your income, household bills, wage slips, benefits, other tax credits, childcare costs and your child's education. You should keep these types of records for at least three years to support your claims.

How does Prove I Called work?

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection. We can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable.

We know how stressful it can be when contacting a company. Prove I Called keeps a record of the time, date and duration of your call to a company. This service is perfect for ongoing calls to a business, or when you have run into issues with a company. Prove I Called is not affiliated with any company listed in our directory.

To request your call details please email with your phone number and the date you called. With that information, we can provide you with an independent email confirming the details of the call, this email can be forwarded to the company you are contacting as evidence of your call. Calls to 084 numbers cost 5p from a BT Landline, calls from mobiles and other providers may be considerably more.

Child Tax Credit phoneline opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday to Sunday: 8am - 4pm

Company address & email

HM Revenue and Customs - Tax Credit Office
Comben House
Farriers Way
L75 1AX
United Kingdom

Social Media accounts

Facebook: HMRC
Twitter: @HMRCgovuk
YouTube: HMRCgovuk

Interflora contact number – 0843 504 7729

Flowers are classics that will always be in style for all sorts of occasions. You can say so much with a single flower or a whole bouquet. Getting that perfect bouquet, however, many not be all that easy. There is more to flower shopping than just pointing at a particular one. When you decide to buy them, you want to make sure that they are ideal. It helps to have a clue about where you are going to buy your flowers; like at Interflora. If you can find a place that offers a wide variety of options, that would be preferable. With an Interflora contact number, you can call and ask what sorts of services are available. When you have the right place to shop, then you can start worrying about other factors in the flower buying guide.

Calling the Interflora contact number

One aspect of buying the right type of flower is knowing why you are buying them. Flowers come in different kinds, and there is some significance that goes with each one. The rules may not be in stone, but they are there. You will find that one type of flower says surprise better than another one. It is essential that you have a clear idea of what you want to say with your flowers. Are they for a birthday? Are they for a feel-better wish? Or are they for a party? You don’t even have to know which flower is right for a particular gesture; you just have to get the message right. Finding the right flower to convey that message will be easier when you have an Interflora contact number. You just have to explain the reason for the flowers, and you will get suggestions on the best options.

Dealing with Interflora customer services

Know what flower to get on different occasions. Getting the message right and knowing when to send flowers are two entirely different elements. You are planning to go to a colleague's place for a formal dinner and you know you want flowers that say “Thank You for the Dinner Invitation” but you don’t know which ones are right for a formal evening. For Valentine’s Day, you know roses will mostly do the trick, but you are not sure about formal dinners. When in such a dilemma, you can call Interflora and find out about the available alternatives.

An expert will explain to you if you can send your message with lilies or daisies. They will also tell you what flower arrangements will be right for the occasion. If the flowers are for a table arrangement during a party, then you can find the right help through Interflora contact number. When buying flowers for a funeral, you also have to know which ones will be most suitable.

Speaking to the Interflora telephone number team

It is always sensible to have a budget when you are shopping for flowers. Different flower types and the bouquet will determine the price tag. When you want to find out the price range of various services from a florist like Interflora, you can call to learn more. Then you can decide how much money you are willing to spend. Florists usually offer a broad range of price tags from affordable to extravagant. You can call the Interflora contact number and discuss which flowers would best suit your budget. Talking to a professional is ideal because they have a better handle on things.

Other reasons people call Interflora

Personal preferences will also matter when choosing flowers. It is essential you know what the intended recipient likes and doesn’t like. You will have a less complicated time explaining to a florist what you are looking for when you know about certain things. For instance, what is the favourite colour of the recipient? Are they allergic to particular flowers? Do they have pets that may be allergic to certain flowers? When you have all this information, you can quickly call Interflora and ask about the flower to buy. If a florist knows about the recipient’s preferences, they will give you better choices.

Buying the right flowers is about knowing the person that is going to receive them and the meaning of the gesture. Experimenting with different flowers will win you points, but you must know how to do it well. Consulting with a florist at Interflora will help you make the correct choice. You should also find out about the delivery services of a florist. Know how long it will take your purchase to get to its destination. Calling the Interflora contact number will help you get the answers you need.

Current accounts with Metro Bank

As you would expect, Metro Bank’s most popular service is their current account provision. With a Metro Bank current account, you can govern your personal finances in store, online and over the phone. A current account is your personal bank account, one that you can withdraw money from whenever you need a bit of cash.

There is no monthly fee for using a Metro Bank current account and their accounts support MasterCard PayPass contactless debit card payments. You can also make free transaction in Europe. Legally, Europe consists of countries included in the SEPA, the Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA consists of the 28 EU member states, the European Free Association, San Marino and Monaco.

Switching to a Metro Bank current account

One of the reasons that many account holders avoid changing to another bank is all of the kerfuffle that surrounds the changing process. In order to entice customers to their service, Metro Bank aim to make the transfer process as simple as possible.

When transferring an account, Metro Bank move all current payments across to your new current account. This includes direct debits, standing orders, credits and income. If you are set to receive a payment to your non-Metro Bank account, it will be forwarded to your new account for a total of three years.

Metro Bank will match your existing overdraft limit (wherever possible) and can switch accounts over whenever you’d like, with transfers taking a certain number of working days. You can find out more about the transfer process by calling the Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number.

Metro Bank current account terms and conditions

There are a number of rules and regulations to consider when applying for a current account. You can only apply if you are aged 18 or over and you’re a United Kingdom resident. You do not pay credit interest on your current account and Metro Bank will do a credit check when you apply for a current account.

How do I apply for a Metro Bank current account?

To open a Metro Bank current account, visit your local branch of Metro Bank. You can find out more information by calling the Metro Bank contact number or by downloading the information package from the Metro Bank website.

Borrowing, credit cards and loans provided by Metro Bank

As you would expect, Metro Bank offer a number of different loans to customers across the country. There are a variety of ways to borrow, including credit cards and personal loans, in addition to account overdrafts and professional studies loans.

This short guide will detail the different methods of borrowing, explaining the terms and conditions, rates of interest and how you can apply for a loan when banking with Metro Bank. For more information about any type of loan provided by Metro Bank, you can call our Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number. Their customer service team can provide detailed information on each form of borrowing and provide support for customers hoping to apply.

Credit cards offered by Metro Bank

If you choose to apply for a Metro Bank credit card, you will receive a MasterCard PayPass card. This means it is accepted anywhere that shows the MasterCard logo, it also means you will be able to use your card for contactless payments.

There is no annual fee when using a Metro Bank credit card and transactions are free in any country in the SEPA. Statements are sent on a monthly basis. To apply for a credit card, you must be aged 18 or over and be a UK resident. You will also need a Metro Bank current account and you will be subject to a credit check.

Metro Bank’s current APR for credit cards is 13%. You must pay 5% of your balance or £20 each month, whichever number is larger. If your money owed balance is lower than £20, you pay off the balance. To apply for a credit card, visit your local branch of Metro Bank.

Overdraft payments and Metro Bank

An overdraft is an agreed on borrowing limit that allows you to withdraw money or make a payment from your current account when you have no funds in it. To set up an overdraft for your account, visit a branch of Metro Bank.

There are interest payments on instant overdrafts and agreed overdrafts. Interest is 15% Effective Annual Rate, with interest calculated daily and applied monthly. Metro Bank reserve the right to change their rates and charges.

Personal loans from Metro Bank

The personal loans offered by Metro Bank are sold with a representative 7.9% APR. The minimum loan is £2000 and maximum is £25,000. Repayment terms can be over the course of one to five years. To purchase a loan, head to a branch of Metro Bank.

Savings accounts and ISAs with Metro Bank

There are a number of different savings account to choose from should you choose to run your banking through Metro Bank. These include Instant Access Savings, Fixed Term Savings, Instant Access Cash ISAs, Fixed Rate Cash ISAs and Young Savers account.

Each account suits different needs, with a number of rules and regulations that govern the transfer of payments made into each account.

This short post will detail the difference between Instant Access, Fixed Term, ISAs and Young Savers accounts, in an attempt to make the complicated world of banking your savings a little simpler. For further information about applying for a savings account with Metro Bank, call the Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number.

Instant Access Metro Bank accounts

Instant Access Savings

An Instant Access Savings account gives you access to your money should you need to transfer or withdraw it. The interest for this account is 0.75% AER. Interest is paid after the basic rate of income tax is applied to your account, the rate is currently 20%.

Instant Access Cash ISA

Like the above savings account, you are able to withdraw money from this account. You are only able to subscribe to one cash ISA during a tax year and there is a limit on the amount you can pay into your ISA. This limit is not affected by withdrawals. The current limit is £15,240. ISA interest is free from income and capital gains tax. The current Metro Bank rate of interest is 1.25% AER.

Fixed Rate Metro Bank accounts

Fixed Term Savings

A fixed term account ties up your deposit for an agreed amount of time, either 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or 3 years. During this time, you will receive a fixed amount of interest, the rate will not change during your term.

The rate of interest you receive is based on the length of the term you choose, with higher rates available to customers that tie their funds up for a longer period of time.

Fixed Rate Cash ISA

A fixed rate ISA works as a savings account does, though you will not pay any income tax on your savings. The maximum amount you can place in a cash ISA is £15,240. The deposit you place in the ISA is made as one lump sum.

Young Savers Metro Bank accounts

This is a savers account for your children, with different options based on the age of your children, the differences are between 10 and under and 11-21. There are a number of different regulations that affect payments made to children’s bank accounts, you can find out more by calling Metro Bank.

Business accounts provided by Metro Bank

For businesses hoping to open an account, Metro Bank have you covered. A business account with Metro Bank includes a series of benefits, such as a company credit card, loans for businesses and investment services. This short post covers the account, card and loans offered by Metro Bank.

For further information on the forms of commercial banking and investment plans offered by Metro Bank, call the Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number. Their customer service team will be able to explain the areas not covered by this guide. They can also assist with any issue you may have had with your business account, or offer advice on setting up a Metro Bank business account.

Metro Bank business bank accounts

If your business’ turnover does not exceed £2 million, you may be able to open a business account with Metro Bank. The account is designed for start-ups and established companies alike, with 24 hour telephone banking as standard.

You will also be able to make use of Metro Bank’s 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week branch opening times and Local Business Manager, specifically assigned as part of your account contract. The account opening process is fast, with cheque books and cards printed as you wait in the branch.

If you hold a Metro Bank business account, you must pay a monthly maintenance fee, transaction charges and service charges. Metro Bank provide free internet banking, with a monthly subscription to their premium banking service, Business Online Plus, available to account holders.

Company credit cards from Metro Bank

When making payments for items your business needs or paying for the meal that will wow those important clients, a company credit card can be used to easily keep your finances in check. Metro Bank offer a company credit card with 13% APR interest and 60 days interest free if all your debts are paid in time.

The minimum monthly payment towards your account is either 5% of your owed balance or £20, whichever number is higher. You need a Metro Bank business account to apply for a company credit card.

Small and large business loans from Metro Bank

Metro Bank offer two forms of business loan. Small business loans range from £2000 to £25,000, with a fixed interest rate and variety of terms available for your business. Repayments are made on a monthly basis, with a typical 10% APR.

Business loans, unlike small business loans, allow you to borrow over £25,000. There are a wide range of options available to suit various situations. You can select the length of repayment, varying from 12 months to 15 years, and can choose between fixed and variable rates, based on the length of repayment you select.

All applications for accounts, loans and credit cards are handled in-house by Metro Bank; you will need to visit a branch to apply.

Taste and smell issues with South West Water

Sometimes your water may smell, look or taste different than usual. We’ve attempted to break down the underlying issues below with help from South West Water.

The water tastes musty

Musty and earthy tastes in water are caused by organic matters such as algae in untreated water. They may produce these kind of compounds in South West Water supply, despite the tap water quality being at a record high.

This slight residual taste or smell mostly occurs late summer and early autumn when levels in the sources of the uplands of Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor and natural springs are at their biggest. Do not worry, as the treatment process still reduces the level of anything harmful from the water.

The water tastes oily

In the case your water tastes oily you should contact South West Water on their services helpline as soon as possible.

Oily tastes are caused by any spilt oils that have sept through polyethylene supply pipes, from petrol to paint thinner. This causes the supply to be contaminated and you will notice the taste or smell quickly.

The water tastes of antiseptic or chlorine

As the South West Water supply is mainly sourced from rivers and reservoirs fed from the moors and natural underground reserves of water and natural springs, some chlorine is added at treatment works to disinfect it. This problem is not harmful.

You may notice a slight difference in smell or taste despite the high quality of the South West Water supply. If it causes concern or the problem is consistent you may wish to store drinking water in a refrigerator in plastic bottles or a jug and replace it every 24 hours. By chilling the water you will reduce the strange taste as it dissipates and evaporates.

If you believe the taste is particularly strong and smells metallic, bitter or like antiseptic and does not reduce when used in hot drinks, then there is usually another problem. South West Water has found the most likely cause of the unpleasantness is components in internal plumbing systems, usually made of rubber. Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers may also have rubber flexible supply hoses that affect the taste.

They recommend you fit a ‘non return’ or ‘check’ valve between the supply hose and cold water supply, preventing water being tainted by any connecting rubber hose which may be new or breaking. They have these to order on the South West Water website that are suitable for most domestic appliances.

Water pressure problems with South West Water

When South West Water undertake some necessary works to local pipes and sewerage your pressure can potentially be affected intermittently. If the company are doing any work in your area you will be able to track it on their WaterLive service on the website.

Water firms have no limit on the water pressure so it is your responsibility to ensure pipework are capable of transporting the water at pressure they supply.

What affects the water pressure?

There are a number of things that could make your water pressure lower or higher than usual. They could be:

· The height of the property – as the higher the elevation of the property equals more of a pressure loss, it all depends on the height in relation to the water main and local reservoir

· Internal plumbing – the longer the pipes, the longer the water has to travel so pressure is lost along the way

· The condition of the service pipe – as you would imagine, the worse the condition of the pipe, the bigger loss of pressure as the water will struggle to be drawn through smaller and older pipes or ones that are made of galvanised iron or lead

· If the property shares a supply pipe with others – the more properties the supply is shared with the greater loss of pressure

· Peak demand – times such as breakfast and tea have a higher demand for water so if your water supply is shared the lower the pressure will be

· Leaks – if you are losing water elsewhere the lower the flow of water to taps and showers and the lesser the pressure

What can I do to improve pressure?

You can alter the internal stop tap to receive lower or higher pressure by fully opening it or turning it down a small amount at a time, respectively. Turning it downs means your pressure will reduce downstream of the tap as flow is drawn off.

If you are concerned about the high pressure you can also install pressure-reducing devices on your pipework, which can be fitted yourself or a plumber. Alternatively, it may be an issue with the external stop tap – usually found at the edge of the property - which you can check if it safe to do so.

Your stop tap may also be situated inside the meter chamber if you are in a metered property. It will be a plastic toggle that should be turned 90 degrees to open or a brass tap that should be unscrewed until it stops naturally.

What can South West Water do?

Isolating the supply by the external or internal stop tap will limit any risk of property damage, but if the problem persists you can contact South West Water on their services helpline where a technician can be sent out to view the property.

They will then investigate and if the test is inconclusive there will either be an external service pipe issue or an internal plumbing problem. South West Water will check if it the fault of a burst water main or other operational fault and if not will send another inspector out to make further checks.

Registering your online South West Water account

South West Water provide an online service which enables you to manage your account when you wish.

How to register

You will need the first 8 digits of your customer reference number to register which you will see on the top of your bill, and a valid email address that you must have access to. Any information SWW have for you will be sent to your email from then on.

Any other details given on the online registration form should be exactly the same as they appear on the bill.

What can I do online?

The ‘My Account’ service will offer a range of different services registered users can access at home securely.

No information you give to the company will be passed on to any third parties unless you have agreed to let them. The information is dealt with by experienced members of staff and is sent via secure online servers.

The following list of services is provided by the South West Water website:

· Pay online

· Change contact details

· Send a meter reading

· View meter reading history

· Move online

· View payment plan details

· View other ways to pay

· View billing and payment history

· Request paperless billing

· Apply for a water meter

· Apply for a leak allowance

· Apply for a renovation allowance

I’ve forgotten my personal details

If you are a registered customer and have forgotten either you user ID or password you are able to use an online form to reset them. You will need to have the first 8 digits of your customer reference number handy from the top of your bill, and your name and address exactly how it appears on your letter for security reasons.

You can click here to access the forgotten password form and here for the forgotten user ID form.

New or moving South West Water customers

Moving house

If you are an existing South West Water customer and are moving home, you can inform them by registering for an online account and completing a change of address form online. If you’d prefer to talk to somebody over the phone you can request a call back from the company’s accounts helpline.

Metered properties

You must note down your meter readings on the day you move if you are moving in or out of a metered property so the water firm can update your account. If you don’t have access to the meter and nobody can read it for you, you should call the Accounts Helpline with 10 working days’ notice

Landlords are also responsible for any water charges between tenants so you will need the meter reading to notify South West Water of a change in tenancy.

Unmetered properties

Contact South West Water no more than 28 days before moving in or out of an unmetered property so that the completion date of your payments is confirmed.

They will send a final bill to your new address to let you know if you owe anything or have overpaid when moving out of the region.

If you are moving within the area the firm will bill you from that date onwards and transfer any balance you may have on your account to the new address.

Amending names on the account

To add or remove names from an existing account with South West Water you should call the accounts helpline who can make the amendments.

Names must be added to the bill if you are moving into a property with a SWW customer, whether they are partners or housemates. You will also need to inform the firm if that person has moved out of the property as they are no longer taking join responsibility for the charges.

New customers

If you are a new SWW customer and have moved into an area that falls under their remit you can use an online form to let them know. Alternatively, you can call their contact number to speak to a member of their Accounts team or request a call back online.

Again, you will be billed from the date you move in so you should take note of the meter reading on the day if you have one. SWW will send you a welcome letter which will have your reference number which you use in the future to pay your bills or set up a payment plan.