Car insurance premiums set to rise – along with complaints calls?

The Automobile Association claim that the days of 'cheap premiums' are over
The Automobile Association claim that the days of ‘cheap premiums’ are over

According to a new survey by The AA, it looks as though premiums for car insurance policies are set to rise – claiming that the days of cheap quotes are now over. The survey shows that prices have risen by over 5% in a 3 month period – something almost unprecedented. This change will almost certainly hit young drivers the hardest (with a rise of around 6% mentioned by some – which may push more first-time insurers toward the like of specialist cover companies such as Ingenie.

Complaints calls set to rise?

This rise in prices is likely to lead to a huge amount of change in the ways that people cover their vehicles. Judging by the ways in which consumers have reacted in the past, this should mean a rise in the number of people who are looking to call companies in order to negotiate their deals, and indeed an increase in those dialling in order to raise a complaint.

If you are looking to make a complaint against any motoring company, we recommend doing so through a Prove I Called number, where you will have the right to request details of your call. Simply call the number provided for the company on our site, send us an e-mail with the information detailed on our How It Works page and we’ll send back everything you need – perfect if you need to escalate an issue.

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