Car insurance policies with Octagon Insurance

Selecting a car insurance company can be tough. There are so many insurance providers to pick from and, while certain comparison sites may offer a list of prices for each site, it can be hard to find a good deal. Often, companies will offer different prices on policies depending on where you find the price.

Price comparison sites and websites can differ, as can quotes received over the phone. Companies will often offer different deals to customers who threaten to leave or customers who mention a cheaper deal with a rival insurance provider. If you wish to call Octagon Insurance to receive a quote on insurance, perhaps to negotiate a potentially cheaper deal, you can use the Prove I Called Octagon Insurance Contact Number.

Get a car insurance quote from Octagon Insurance

To get a quote from Octagon Insurance for your car, you can call them or head to their website and use their Get a Quote tool. When requesting a quote, you may need your driving licence, your vehicle registration details and information about any prior criminal convictions you may have.

All information you provide Octagon with must be correct; lies will lead to the cancellation of your policy. You will also need to provide Octagon with your name, title, address, contact information and the number of drivers you would like to insure, as well as information about the additional drivers.

Octagon will also need information about your driving record and information about the car you’re hoping to insure. All of this information is standard fare for car insurance quotes.

Car insurance benefits provided by Octagon Insurance

In order to entice potential customers, Octagon provide a range of benefits to customers that choose them for their car insurance needs. These include windscreen repair, cover for your personal belongings and 90 days of European cover.

You are also covered for audio and satellite navigation equipment and a courtesy car, should you select comprehensive cover. All calls to Octagon Insurance are dealt with by their United Kingdom based call centre.

There are a number of other optional benefits provided by Octagon, including lost keys and legal expenses, breakdown and replacement vehicle cover.