Cancelling your ebookers booking

No one wants to have to cancel a holiday, but it’s a fact of life that sometimes circumstances can change and plans need to be put on hold. If you have to cancel a booking, first things first – don’t panic. You’re not the first person to have to cancel a trip, and you surely won’t be the last. You might feel like all is lost, but in some circumstances there are ways to cancel your booking without taking a massive cash blow. Let’s take a look at what to do if you need to cancel your ebookers booking.

How to cancel a flight reservation

Unfortunately, when it comes to cancelling a flight reservation, most fares are non-refundable. If your booking is with a low-cost airline such as Ryanair or Jet2, cancellation can only be done by contacting the airline directly. When contacting a low-cost airline to cancel a booking you will need the airlines record locator, which you can find in the confirmation email received from the airline. Any refund you receive from this cancellation will be credited directly to your card from the airline themselves.

Cancellations are governed by the airline’s rules and whether you are eligible for a refund depends on the circumstances and type of ticket you bought. In most cases airline charges will apply, in addition to an ebookers administration fee of £25 per passenger.

How to cancel a hotel booking

If you need to cancel a hotel reservation made with ebookers, you can do so online. You will need to access your booking by signing into the website or visiting the Access Trip page. Once you have signed into the site, you will see a ‘Need to cancel’ button at the top right of the screen. Select the room you wish to cancel and click continue. You will then be able to review the refund and fee details before completing your cancellation.

For multiple room bookings you must cancel each room separately. Refunds will automatically be credited to your account within 7-10 days.

Can I cancel package bookings?

When cancelling a package booking, you will have to cancel the entire package rather than individual aspects or passengers. If your package booking includes flights from a low-cost airline you must contact the airline to cancel the flight booking before contacting ebookers.