Cancelling your Amazon Prime free trial

Amazon Prime offer a free trial to all customers as means of testing their streaming and one day delivery service. The free trial lasts for 30 days and requires customers to provide a credit or debit card when signing up. When the 30 day trial period ends, customers are automatically signed up to the Amazon Prime yearly subscription service, at a price of £79.

As an automatic action, this catches a number of customers off guard. One of the most popular Google searches related to Amazon Prime is “Amazon Prime refund,” due to the high proportion of consumers that have forgotten to cancel their free trial in time.

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime membership after the free trial has ended?

Amazon Prime are aware of this issue and provide a 14 day period in which customers can cancel their membership and receive a refund. If you have made no use of any of the Amazon Prime services that membership provides in the 14 day period, you can receive a full refund of the cost of membership. If you have used Amazon Prime in the 14 day period, you are entitled to a refund based on a number of different factors.

To cancel an Amazon Prime membership, go to your Amazon Prime online account. There is a Manage Prime Membership section that allows customers to review a number of aspects of their Prime account. At the left of the page, there is an option to cancel your subscription. For free trial users, it will says Do Not Continue, for current subscribers the option will read End Membership. Your membership will stop at the end of the current subscription period.

Does my subscription end immediately?

Customers that cancel their subscription can still stream Amazon Instant Video and order certain items with next day delivery up until the end of the pre-agreed subscription period. As a result, it is useful for free trial users to turn off automatic renewal as soon as they begin the trial. This prevents any unwanted payment coming out of your bank account later down the line and still allows you to enjoy the 30 day free trial period.

For customers who have accidently renewed membership, you may wish to call our Amazon Prime Contact Number to discuss the refunding process with a member of Amazon’s customer service team.