Business services provided by the Post Office

The Post Office provide plenty of helpful services for businesses, including banking, insurance and, of course, postage. They also provide a variety of office supplies, such as filing, documentation and printing equipment. And they sell pens. Here is our rundown of the various services provided for businesses by the Post Office.

The various types of business insurance available through the Post Office

The Post Office offer six different types of insurance to businesses in the United Kingdom. These are tailored to specific types of business, from drivers to people that work from home. The Post Office offer Office & Surgery Insurance that covers a variety of different types of company.

Homeworkers insurance covers exactly what it sounds like. Similarly, Self-Employed Insurance provides cover to self-employed workers, such as builders.

If you own a shop, you can apply for Shopkeepers Insurance. Landlords and commercial property owners can purchase Property Owners Insurance. Men with ven can order Van Insurance to cover their fleet of vehicles.

For information about the various types of cover and liability, you can call our Prove I Called Post Office Contact Number. The Post Office customer services team will be able to explain all the details you need to know to find out if Post Office insurance is right for you.

Business banking with the Post Office

In accordance with their other business services, the Post Office provide banking options for businesses in the United Kingdom. You can choose to do your business banking at the Post Office. This includes the depositing of cash and cheques, withdrawal of money and checking of your account balance.

The Post Office also offer a cash collection service that securely collects your on-site cash to deposit into your account. A Cheque Authority Card is available to businesses, providing companies with a variety of payment benefits.

For companies that transfer cash abroad, the Post Office offer International Business Payment options, including lowered fees on currency conversion. The Post Office also provide a Card Payment solution.

Office supplies at the Post Office

The Post Office sell a number of different types of office equipment, including filing and documentation products. For companies requiring ink and toner, the Post Office sell a number of different items for your printer, with a number of different brands covered by the Post Office’s provision.