Business accounts provided by Metro Bank

For businesses hoping to open an account, Metro Bank have you covered. A business account with Metro Bank includes a series of benefits, such as a company credit card, loans for businesses and investment services. This short post covers the account, card and loans offered by Metro Bank.

For further information on the forms of commercial banking and investment plans offered by Metro Bank, call the Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number. Their customer service team will be able to explain the areas not covered by this guide. They can also assist with any issue you may have had with your business account, or offer advice on setting up a Metro Bank business account.

Metro Bank business bank accounts

If your business’ turnover does not exceed £2 million, you may be able to open a business account with Metro Bank. The account is designed for start-ups and established companies alike, with 24 hour telephone banking as standard.

You will also be able to make use of Metro Bank’s 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week branch opening times and Local Business Manager, specifically assigned as part of your account contract. The account opening process is fast, with cheque books and cards printed as you wait in the branch.

If you hold a Metro Bank business account, you must pay a monthly maintenance fee, transaction charges and service charges. Metro Bank provide free internet banking, with a monthly subscription to their premium banking service, Business Online Plus, available to account holders.

Company credit cards from Metro Bank

When making payments for items your business needs or paying for the meal that will wow those important clients, a company credit card can be used to easily keep your finances in check. Metro Bank offer a company credit card with 13% APR interest and 60 days interest free if all your debts are paid in time.

The minimum monthly payment towards your account is either 5% of your owed balance or £20, whichever number is higher. You need a Metro Bank business account to apply for a company credit card.

Small and large business loans from Metro Bank

Metro Bank offer two forms of business loan. Small business loans range from £2000 to £25,000, with a fixed interest rate and variety of terms available for your business. Repayments are made on a monthly basis, with a typical 10% APR.

Business loans, unlike small business loans, allow you to borrow over £25,000. There are a wide range of options available to suit various situations. You can select the length of repayment, varying from 12 months to 15 years, and can choose between fixed and variable rates, based on the length of repayment you select.

All applications for accounts, loans and credit cards are handled in-house by Metro Bank; you will need to visit a branch to apply.