Borrowing, credit cards and loans provided by Metro Bank

As you would expect, Metro Bank offer a number of different loans to customers across the country. There are a variety of ways to borrow, including credit cards and personal loans, in addition to account overdrafts and professional studies loans.

This short guide will detail the different methods of borrowing, explaining the terms and conditions, rates of interest and how you can apply for a loan when banking with Metro Bank. For more information about any type of loan provided by Metro Bank, you can call our Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number. Their customer service team can provide detailed information on each form of borrowing and provide support for customers hoping to apply.

Credit cards offered by Metro Bank

If you choose to apply for a Metro Bank credit card, you will receive a MasterCard PayPass card. This means it is accepted anywhere that shows the MasterCard logo, it also means you will be able to use your card for contactless payments.

There is no annual fee when using a Metro Bank credit card and transactions are free in any country in the SEPA. Statements are sent on a monthly basis. To apply for a credit card, you must be aged 18 or over and be a UK resident. You will also need a Metro Bank current account and you will be subject to a credit check.

Metro Bank’s current APR for credit cards is 13%. You must pay 5% of your balance or £20 each month, whichever number is larger. If your money owed balance is lower than £20, you pay off the balance. To apply for a credit card, visit your local branch of Metro Bank.

Overdraft payments and Metro Bank

An overdraft is an agreed on borrowing limit that allows you to withdraw money or make a payment from your current account when you have no funds in it. To set up an overdraft for your account, visit a branch of Metro Bank.

There are interest payments on instant overdrafts and agreed overdrafts. Interest is 15% Effective Annual Rate, with interest calculated daily and applied monthly. Metro Bank reserve the right to change their rates and charges.

Personal loans from Metro Bank

The personal loans offered by Metro Bank are sold with a representative 7.9% APR. The minimum loan is £2000 and maximum is £25,000. Repayment terms can be over the course of one to five years. To purchase a loan, head to a branch of Metro Bank.