Aviva Contact Number – 0843 504 7381

Aviva contact number

AVIVA is a huge company who have 31 million customers worldwide and are also the UK’s largest insurance company. They are probably best known as a car insurance provider, however they are also experts in home, life, pet, health and travel insurance amongst others. They are also specialists in savings and retirement plans. As a car insurance customer of AVIVA, you can expect to benefit from an average recovery time of 52 minutes after having an accident.

Calling the Aviva contact number through Prove I Called

Sorting your insurance queries out quickly and directly is essential and thankfully possible via the ‘Prove I Called’ Aviva contact number. Once call will connect you with a member of the Aviva customer service team able to deal with your situation – whether that’s new claim, an existing case or fresh enquiry. Should you be calling to raise a complaint or even resolve a dispute, there is also the opportunity to prove you called – with independent evidence of call dates, times and duration.

   Call the Aviva contact number

Other ways to contact Aviva

The Aviva claim helpline is open everyday of the year, 24 hours a day meaning that you can get in contact with them no matter what time you have an accident. To receive a quick car insurance quote, you can call the AVIVA contact number for car insurance on 0800 092 9564.

As with the car insurance, the AVIVA helpline for home insurance is open everyday of the year and 24 hours a day. For customers who have not made a claim in the last five years, they are promised to receive a 40% no claims discount. For a quick insurance quote, you can call the AVIVA contact number for home insurance on 0800 068 5984.

AVIVA offer travel insurance at competitive rates, they will cover upto 9 people per policy making it ideal for family holidays. To find out more about travel insurance and to receive a quote, you can call the AVIVA contact number for travel insurance on 0800 015 2577.

There are a range of different saving plans that AVIVA can offer depending on whether you are looking to save in the short term or long term, including ISAs and investment opportunities. To find out more about opening a savings account with AVIVA, you can call the AVIVA contact number on 0808 115 8344.

The type of pensions that AVIVA can offer are SIPPs (self-invested personal pensions) This means that you will be able to build up your pension fund in the most tax efficient way and are able to choose yourself how your money is invested. The AVIVA pension also accepts contributions from your employer. If you wish to find out more about pensions with AVIVA, you can call the AVIVA contact number for pensions on 0808 301 5277.

There are alternative ways on which you can contact Aviva’s customer service team i.e. online and via the post. For ease of reference we have listed the contact information you will need:

Aviva Postal Address:

PO Box 4,
Surrey Street,

Official website: www.aviva.co.uk