Applecare contact number – 0843 504 0087

Applecare contact number

Many people may of heard of Applecare talked about by a number of people who own one or even several different apple devices and in this day and age, there are a lot of people who own apple products, with the iPhone being the most popular smart phone on the market.

In simplistic terms, Applecare simply offers customers a better warranty deal in the hope that increased warranty on a product, as well as extra support, will give the customer more peace of mind. Depending on the product, Applecare will extend the standard warranty period. If the customer purchases Applecare for an iPod touch, an iPad or an iPhone, the warranty will increase from 1 to 2 years. If a customer is looking for Applecare for their mac product, for example the hugely popular Macbook pro and Macbook air that more and more people seem to have or a desktop apple computer, the iMac, then the warranty will increase from the standard one year, up to three years.

Using Prove I Called to phone the Applecare contact number

If you need to make a call to the Applecare contact number, call using Prove I Called and you will also be able to request evidence of your call, including all the pertinent information you may need if you are to complain to the company. These details include the time of the call, duration and the number you phoned from – information which could help if you need to escalate an issue later on. Call the Applecare contact number today to speak to a member of their helpline team.

  Call the Applecare contact number

Other ways to contact Applecare

Applecare claims to be much more than an extended warranty package and apple have a dedicated applecare contact number that may be used by existing applecare customers to gain any much needed advice on their hardware, which is the actual physical device or their software, what they are downloading onto their device and the storage space that this takes up, or perhaps whether downloading the new software update is worth it or not and how much space this will use up. Apple claim that their applecare contact number will put customers through to some expert technical support and would recommend anybody who has just bought their first ever apple device because it may take new users of apple products a while to get used to how they work and this is indeed the usual market for applecare and these people are normally the ones who ring the applecare contact number.

In conclusion then , applecare provides increased warranty and basically, if required a walkthrough tutorial over the phone of how to become proficient in using apple products and this may therefore be suitable for people who have recently made or are looking to make a transition from, for example a windows computer, to a mac computer, which of course use different operating systems or maybe somebody going from using a nokia phone to an apple iPhone.