Amazon Prime and LoveFilm subscription management

Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service began with their purchase of the DVD rental service LoveFilm in 2011. LoveFilm’s video streaming service became Amazon Instant Video, while the DVD rental service has continued as LoveFilm by Post. The service was purchased by Amazon, the online shopping site saw an opportunity to compete with Netflix.

Backed by an increased revenue, Amazon Instant Video is now a major player in the streaming industry, able to fund its own exclusive projects.

It can be confusing for consumers to understand what has happened to the service they previously used, for further information about your LoveFilm account, call our Amazon Prime Contact Number.

Can I reactivate my LoveFilm Streaming account as an Amazon Prime account?

The short answer is no. Previous LoveFilm can no longer transfer their account information across to Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, this means customers must create a new subscription for an Amazon Prime account, through their current Amazon account.

This means customers must rebuild their account profile, rerating films and television shows they enjoyed to create an accurate profile for Amazon Instant Video to base its film and TV suggestions on.

LoveFilm by Post subscriptions and unreturned DVDs

Amazon still provide a DVD rental service that allows LoveFilm customers to continue their home delivery service, if they prefer to receive DVDs rather than create an Amazon Prime Instant video streaming account. LoveFilm by Post continues to provide customers with this option, allowing customers to order any number of DVDs each month.

If you are still in possession of LoveFilm DVDs despite having cancelled your susbscription long ago, you can return them for free by using the following address:



PO Box 1315



There is no need to cancel your LoveFilm Instant subscription if you did not cancel it following its rebrand as Amazon Prime Instant. All LoveFilm Instant subscriptions that were not transferred to Amazon Prime accounts were automatically cancelled.