Airbnb contact number – 0843 504 0506

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Founded in 2008, AirBNB is a service based out of San Francisco that represents a marketplace for those who wish to travel and discover locations around the world. The basic premise behind this portal involves the ability for users to post their reviews of properties as well as to help like-minded travellers connect and share their mutual experiences. With over 40 million guests and 1.5 million worldwide listings, this resource is excellent for those who are eager to experience the international community in style. Thus, an AirBNB contact number can come in very useful for those who may have questions, comments or viewpoints that they wish to share with other like-minded visitors.

Phoning the Airbnb contact number through Prove I Called

Airbnb is a new service that allows people to rent out their spare rooms (and more) to travellers. It has proved massively popular – which is why the Airbnb contact number is so sought after. Call Airbnb using Prove I Called and you will also be able to request evidence of your call, including the precise time, duration and number details of your call. This information is useful if you ever need to raise a dispute with the travel site. Call the Airbnb contract number today to speak to a member of their team.


Other ways to contact the Airbnb team

First, we should make it clear that one will have to become a member of AriBNB in order to access their telephone contact services. In other words, there is no contact information available for those who simply wish to browse the site. There are two different ways to join. One can either enter in his or her personal email details or a Facebook account can be used. This is the quicker way, as logging in through Facebook will take only a matter of seconds. Once one of these two options is selected, the contact process can begin.

Hosting or Travelling

The help section of this site classifies queries into two main categories. These are hosting or travelling. Should one choose hosting, common information such as merchandise, product feedback and cancellations can be selected from a drop-down menu. For those who require further assistance, a separate page can be selected.

The same holds true for those who have questions in reference to travel. Some topics include safety, payments, messaging and booking. However, it should be mentioned that several other subcategories are presented once the main issue is selected. The means of contact can likewise vary substantially. There are certain times when an AirBNB contact number is not provided and instead, one will have to rely upon email alone. There are other instances when a third-party firm must be spoken with directly that may or may not be affiliated with AirBNB.

Issues with Phone Numbers

Many have observed that speaking with a live AirBNB representative is not easy, as there does not appear to be one single dedicated phone number that addresses specific enquiries. As AirBNB is essentially a third-party intermediary, they recommend that one attempts to contact hosts or guests first. Should this not be possible, they will provide a contact number with an original confirmation email (regarding a reservation or a similarly official correspondence). This number will obviously change depending upon one’s location within the United Kingdom. An example can prove useful.


AirBNB claims that they have representatives available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week regardless from where one is calling. While an AirBNB contact number is useful, those without an account will not be provided with such details. It should nonetheless be pointed out that a quick online search may prove useful for those who have lost an email confirmation. In the event of a general question, it may very well prove easier employing the standard email contact form provided through the help section on their website.